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Call of mission of building a powerful country with materials

 In order to guide students to set up lofty ideals, devote themselves to serve the key industries of national development strategy, and fly the dream of youth in the practice of "material power", 26 students of our college were selected and selected at the invitation of AVIC Guizhou Liyang Aero Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Liyang") And 2020 summer "in Liyang, dream set sail" China Aviation Development Liyang open Week activities. Also invited to lead the team to participate in the activities are counselor Ren Chao.


The activity was diversified in form and rich in content, including safety education, first-line visit, sports activities, professional group interview and discussion, school enterprise friendship art performance and so on, which left a deep impression on the students.


On July 21, the practice activity officially kicked off in the leader's speech and enterprise introduction. Through the lecture, students learned that China Aviation Development Liyang was born in 1965 in the hinterland of Guizhou, Pingba barren mountain. Since its establishment for 55 years, it has adhered to aviation oriented and military oriented, committed to building China's "small and medium thrust turbojet and turbofan aero-engine development, production, maintenance and service base". It has formed a product structure with the core of aero-engine batch production, complete machine development, parts manufacturing and engine repair. It has developed and produced two series of more than 20 types of aeroengines In the first export of aero-engine and the largest export volume of aero-engine enterprises.

Then, under the leadership of the staff, the students went deep into different workshops to have a comprehensive understanding of the engine production process and process. Every high-quality engine needs not only the careful design and calculation of researchers, but also a large number of front-line workers to cut, weld and assemble each steel plate. It is with countless front-line workers working together behind the scenes and making silent contributions that a batch of "iron and steel soldiers" in the aviation field are produced to attack the sky and defend the country.



At the forum of senior brothers and sisters, the manager of Human Resources Department of the company introduced in detail the recruitment arrangement, talent introduction plan and training and development policy of the company. The senior brothers and sisters from their alma mater also share their experience and development freely with younger martial brothers and sisters in combination with their own career choices and work experience, and encourage the major students to set their aviation aspirations as soon as possible and become aviators as soon as possible.

On July 23, the director of the civil military integration office of Guizhou Province gave lectures and guidance to all of you, focusing on the implementation of military civilian integration in Guizhou Province. Zhang Zi, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of AVIC Liyang, delivered a speech, encouraging students to be ambitious and down-to-earth, to be brave in taking on big responsibilities, to keep in mind the mission, to study hard, to solve the neck problem faced by China's aerospace industry, and to help the development of China's aerospace industry.


 This "material power" The "call of duty" summer social practice activity enables the students of materials major to have a deeper understanding and experience on the extensive application of materials and the innovation and development of aeroengine, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. At the same time, it greatly enhances the professional self-confidence of traditional engineering students, enhances the sense of mission and responsibility of "material power", and serves as the future of students Career choice and life planning point out the direction.

It is reported that 11 students in our college have got the "job" of tongliyang“ ❤” Card, get an offer from China Air Force Liyang in advance.



Liao Xinhao, majoring in material forming and control engineering, School of materials

From Chongqing to Guiyang, from the school to China Aviation Development Liyang, in a short period of five days, we have harvested an unforgettable trip to Liyang. In the process of visiting and studying, we learned that China Air Development Liyang has taken a road of technological innovation and development of "combination of factory and research, advance of science and technology, development of use and gradual transformation". Not only that, Liyang's corporate culture, humanistic feelings, the sense of mission of serving the country have deeply moved me. It is the concerted efforts of countless Liyang people that have created these iron and steel fighters in the field of aviation, which has effectively guaranteed China's national defense.

Xia Yatong, majoring in materials science and engineering, School of materials

I am very happy to be able to participate in this internship exchange activity. First of all, I would like to thank AVIC Liyang for organizing this summer open week in the context of the epidemic, so that we have the opportunity to visit and learn more about the engine manufacturing process. Once again, I would like to thank the human resources department of the company for holding a professional exchange meeting, and invited the company's leaders and senior brothers and sisters to answer our questions. Share your work experience and job search experience from their perspective. Finally, the company also held a variety of sports activities and cultural performances. On the stage, our material students read poems and sang school songs with pride. Let me review the major school motto and mission again, revive the nation, and major young people pledge to be the vanguard!