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Professor Wenxin Tang's team successfully developed aberration corrected spin polarized low energy electron microscope and published cover article in Ultramicroscopy

Professor Wenxin Tang's team developed aberration corrected spin polarized low energy electron microscope (ac-SPLEEM). The research paper "Aberration corrected spin polarized low energy electron microscope" was published in Ultramicroscopy as the cover article, the top journal of electron microscopy, with Chongqing University as the first and the correspondence affiliation. This project was jointly funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), National Major Scientific Instrument Development Program and the Basic Research Fund of Central University from Chongqing University.


The ultrafast spin polarized aberration corrected low energy electron microscope developed by Prof. Wenxin Tang's team, in conjunction with scholars from the ShanghaiTech University, Fudan University and other universities at home and abroad, opens and establishes a new direction in the field of in-situ ultrafast high-resolution surface physiochemistry. In the acceptance test site, the magnetic lateral resolution of the device is as high as 3 nm, which is about 7 times higher than the historically published resolution record of 20 nm. Meanwhile, the realization of ultrafast aberration corrected low energy electron microscopy (TR-ac-LEEM) has reached a resolution of 3.2 nm in the ultrafast mode and 9 nm magnetic resolution in spin mode, which is the first time to realize ultrafast low energy electron microscopy and can probe ultra-thin magnetic sample surfaces. This series of breakthroughs in detection technology provides ultra-high-resolution microscopy for ultrafast surface science research and it is the core technology for the development of future ultrafast science and high-density storage material.


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