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Development History of the College

In September 1935, the Department of Mining & Metallurgy Engineering was established in the College of Technology of Chongqing University

Department of Mining Engineering was renamed Department of Mining & Metallurgy Engineering in 1941

During the period of Anti-Japanese War, the following famous professors successively came to teach in the Department of Mining Engineering: Wang Shuhai, Kuang YingJie, Lin Sicheng,Cai Chengyun, Luo Guanying, Liu Changjing, Xiong Tianzhi, Dai Lizhi, Zhou Zhihong Zhou Ziding, Qiu YuChi, Zeng Zhang,  Wei Shoukun, Ma Zhaizhi, Zhao Yuzhang, Yang Shutang, Liu Gang, Wang Shaoying, greatly promoting the rapid development of the Department of Mining & Metallurgy Engineering, and enjoying a high reputation in China.  In 1952, the Department of Metallurgy & Non-ferrous Metals was transferred to Kunming and became a part of Kunming Institute of Technology (now Kunming University of Science & Technology). The Department of Mining & Metallurgy Chongqing University was also further divided into two departments of metallurgy and mining engineering.

In 1954, the former College of Architectural Engineering set up the teaching and research group of building materials, and enrolled undergraduates in 1959

In 1959, the major of steel rolling was added, and in 1960, the major of metal materials was added. Then, the Department of Metallurgy become a teaching unit with three majors, namely steel metallurgy, steel rolling and metal materials, with 1500 students in the school.

In 1960, the major of casting and forging was established and undergraduate students were enrolled.

The first graduate students of iron and steel metallurgy were enrolled in 1961.

In 1978 welding major was set up and enrolled undergraduate students.

In 1979 the Department of Building Materials Engineering was established in the former Chongqing Institute of Architecture & Engineering.

In 1980 the Department of Metallurgy was renamed the Department of Metallurgy & Material Engineering.

In 1981, the major of iron and steel metallurgy, metal materials and heat treatment became one of the first authorized units for master degree.

In 1982, it was granted the right to confer master's degree in building materials.

Obtained master's-conferring right in casting, forging and welding from 1986 to 1990

Obtained the right to confer the doctor's degree in iron and steel metallurgy in 1990

In 1995, it was granted the right to confer the doctor's degree in materials science.

In 1998 it was renamed into the College of Materials Science & Engineering. 

In 2000, the former Chongqing University and the former Chongqing Jianzhu University were merged to form the new Chongqing University, and the former Department of Materials Science & Engineering and the former Department of Building Materials Engineering were merged to form the new College of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials science and engineering and metallurgical engineering were awarded a doctoral program of first-class discipline in 2000

In 2001 postdoctoral research station in materials science and engineering was authorized.

In 2003 postdoctoral research station in metallurgical engineering was authorized.

In 2007, material science was rated as a state key discipline, and iron and steel metallurgy as a state key (cultivation) discipline.

In 2008, material forming (former Second Department of Mechanical Engineering) was integrated from The College of Mechanical Engineering into the College of Materials Science & Engineering