Research Achievements
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National "973" project

Key fundamental issues in processing and preparation of high-performance magnesium alloys, Prof. Qing Liu, Chief Scientist

Research on low-cost, high ductility and high strength magnesium alloys, Prof. Qing Liu, Chief Scientist


Key R&D projects

Key technologies for deformation processing and manufacturing of large-size high performance magnesium alloys, Academician Fusheng Pan, Principle Investigator

Multi-dimensional and multi-scale high throughput characterization technology for advanced materials, Prof. Xiaoxu Huang, Principle Investigator


National Natural Science Foundation of China

Innovative Group Project: Deformation, Phase Transformation and Toughening of Metallic Materials, Prof. Qing Liu  

The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars: Materials Preparation and Processing Science and Engineering, Academician Fusheng Pan

The National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars: Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy, Prof. Xuewei Lv

The National Major Scientific Instrument Development Program:

Ultrafast spin polarized low energy electron microscope, Prof. Wenxin Tang

Three-dimensional transmission electron microscope, Prof. Xiaoxu Huang


Key projects and their Principle Investigators:

Multi-scale characterization of plastic deformation microstructure of metallic materials, Prof. Qing Liu

Deformation mechanism and microstructure and texture control of industrial metal sheets, Prof. Qing Liu

Symmetry control of texture distribution on the base surface of magnesium alloy plates and its effect on formability, Prof. Bin Jiang

Fundamental research on the reaction and separation of vanadium and titanium resources in multi-component systems, Prof. Xuewei Lv

Critical characteristic of zirconium alloy clad fuel parts under water loss accident, Prof. Baifeng Luan

Phase structure change rule of valued elements in multi-phase reactions, Prof. Bing Xie

Physicochemical laws of high-temperature solute generation and evolution and its role in metallurgical processes, Prof. Chenguang Bai

Mechanism and effects of exogenous and primary sulfate on the hydration and hardening of silicate cements, Prof. Jueshi Qian

Precipitation and toughening mechanism of aged magnesium alloys, Prof. Jianfeng Nie

Fundamental research on the preparation of sulfo-aluminate cements from phosphogypsum with high alumina and high iron slag, Prof. Jueshi Qian

Fundamental research on the extraction and separation process of non-ferrous elements from medium and low-grade laterite ores, Prof. Chenguang Bai

Fundamental research on weakening of basal structure of deformed magnesium alloy based on composition and process modulation, Academician Fusheng Pan

Efficient conversion and synergistic approach of multi-scale material energy in steel manufacturing process from unit to process, Prof. Zhong Zheng

Fundamental research on the application of special protective slag for high-efficiency continuous casting crystallizer of high manganese and high aluminum steel, Prof. Qian Wang