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Xu Wang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing University, visited our college to investigate the employment work of graduates

In the afternoon of May 7, Xu Wang (deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing University), Hongchun Zhang (director of the Student Career Development and Guidance Center), Jianglin Sun (deputy director of the Student Career Development and Guidance Center) and Weihong Liu (deputy director of the Student Career Development and Guidance Center), Jie Chen (deputy secretary of the University Youth League Committee), and Lin Zhao from the Student Work Department of the Party Committee visited our college to investigate the employment work of the graduates in 2020. Jingfeng Wang (secretary of the Party Committee of the College), Xiaoxu Huang (Dean of the College), Guibao Qiu (deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee), Xiang Li (deputy secretary of the Party Committee), Zhong Zheng (deputy dean of the College), Zejun Chen (deputy dean of the College), Xianhua Chen (deputy dean of the College), and Xuewei Lv (deputy dean of the College), attended the meeting.



At the meeting, Xu Wang explained the purpose and main content of the investigation, and she hoped through this to understand the progress of our employment work on graduates as well as the experience and successful practices of our employment arrangement. Xiaoxu Huang, via video call from Denmark, expressed his welcome and thanks to Xu Wang and her delegation for visiting the college.

Hongchun Zhang introduced the current employment status of college graduates nationwide in 2020, which is affected by multiple factors such as increasing number of graduates, national economic transformation and upgrading, global epidemic outbreak and strategic game between China and the United States, and the employment situation is exceptionally severe. The Central Party Committee and the State Council have paid much attention to the employment of graduates from universities under the situation of coronavirus epidemic, and several meetings have been held to comprehensively deploy this work. Based on the actual employment situation of our college, Hongchun Zhang gave two suggestions: first, we should keep awareness, realize the impact of the epidemic on the employment work in 2020, make a good study and judgment, and take precautions against possible difficulties; second, we should actively respond to possibility, and take multiple actions to effectively help the employment of students.

Xiang Li reported in detail the unemployed status of the graduates of the college in 2020 and the next work plan. The college promotes students' employment by setting up a leading group for employment, actively providing employment resources, vigorously expanding employment possibilities and strengthening communication with students' parents, etc. Meanwhile, the college focuses on the needs of graduates from Hubei province, part-time postgraduates, graduates from poor families and graduates from ethnic minorities, etc., and actively provides employment assistance.


Jingfeng Wang once again expressed his welcome and gratitude to Xu Wang and her delegation for guiding the work of our college. He said that the college has paid much attention to the employment work of graduates, and the leadership team of the college has held many joint meetings to discuss the employment work of students during the special epidemic, and has also been committed to utilizing the advantages of the college and alumni resources to overcome the employment difficulties in a long term. Jingfeng Wang stressed that the Party and the State attached great importance to the employment of graduates, especially during this epidemic, held several special meetings and made important deployments. The college should form a concerted effort to educate people, widely mobilize resources, comprehensively promote the employment work, and ensure the overall stability of student employment of our college.


Xu Wang recognized the solidarity and progressive work in various forms to assist employment in the college. She mentioned that in the construction of "double first-class", the College of Materials Science and Engineering obtained remarkable achievements in scientific research, and reasonable improvement in talent training. The Electron Microscopy Center has gradually become symbolic significance of the university. Next, the college should continue to strengthen discipline construction, strengthen talent training, further improve the employment rate, adjust the employment structure, improve the quality of employment, and promote outstanding talents to key positions to contribute to the national development strategy. Xu Wang also said that under the current situation, the college should actively respond to the national demand, reverse the traditional employment concept, and vigorously carry out employment guidance to help students understand the situation, guide them to start a career first and then make the best of it to continuously pursue excellence in their respective fields. Xu Wang stressed that the college must pay great attention to those who have employment difficulties. Particular care, patient guidance and timely help should be provided to these students with heart, emotion and love.